A Letter from Mabel

Hello, everyone. I’m Mabel!

I’m a friend of the families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) of Marshfield. Just like RMHC, I keep families safe, warm, and together through some of the hardest challenges of their lives. 

You may be wondering who I am. It’s understandable–how many people have read a letter from a cow? So, I figured an introduction was in order.

I’m from Marshfield, Wisconsin, the home of Nasonville Dairy. I’m a dairy cow, from the dairy state. My milk goes to Nasonville Dairy, which makes some of the best cheese in America’s Dairyland–if I do say so myself. My calves are all grown and have sought greener pastures–and given me more grandcalves than I can count. Life is pretty good.

But sometimes, life is scary. I remember it well–one of my calves was sick. She had such a cold, with the worst runny nose I’d ever seen! Luckily, Farmer Arnold was on hand to take care of her. We stayed in the vet hospital for an entire week!

I didn’t know it then, but I was so lucky to be able to stay with my calf. I’ve since learned that humans rarely get to stay with their sick children. Instead, their kids are in the hospital while mom and dad are scrambling for a hotel. If their kid needs more care, they must trek back and do it all over again.

There is a solution, though. Ronald McDonald House provides housing for families near the lifesaving hospitals where their children are staying. They ensure families don’t have to find expensive hotels or sleep on uncomfortable waiting room couches.

Remaining near each other during challenging times comforts human families and kids alike–just like it did for me and my calf. RMHC provides more than just a bed; they also provide delicious meals and personal support. Just like Farmer Arnold gave my calf and me plenty of alfalfa to eat and cozy straw to sleep on, RMHC welcomes families to comfortable beds and home-cooked meals.

Now that my calves are grown and have calves of their own, I have more free time. While grazing in the pasture and frolicking with my friends is all well and good, I realized I could do more. So now, I’m helping RMHC with their essential work. 

RMHC, with help from Nasonville Dairy, designed a plush toy of me! For $15, you can bring home your own Mabel the Cow plush. The proceeds of that $15 go directly to RMHC of Marshfield, so they can help keep families close to their hospitalized child.

Both my plush and I love cuddles, especially from kids who need something soft to hold. I also love traveling! Take me with you and be sure to take plenty of pictures. I’ve been wanting to try this human thing I’ve heard of–I think it’s called a “selfie?”  If you do snap a picture, make sure to tag my friends at @RMHCofMarshfield and use the hashtag #Mabelonthemoooove and #SayCheese4RMHC!

Udderly yours,


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